Tuesday, 8 March 2016

“Hi! I will be your roommate.”

I don’t know why I am thinking about that day tonight. Maybe a chain of thoughts, jumping from one memory to the other; or maybe a strong impact of so many TAPMI nostalgia posts on Facebook: it’s that time of the year already – when one batch bids goodbye to the Institute which gives everyone a basket full of moments to cherish for a long long time!

It was not an ordinary day for me – I was stepping out of home for the first time. I had reached this complete alien city, and was so unsure of what lies ahead. I had my mother and sister by my side, but I knew they would soon be going back home, and I would be facing life on my own, just like I had always wanted it to be.

Thick clouds in the sky, strong breeze piercing through my face, and butterflies in my stomach – my first day in Manipal.

Manipal. Oh! Manipal. A place so less valued then. A place dearly craved for now!

I still remember when I saw the campus for the very first time – beautiful weather, and our huge campus, as seen from TAPMI point – breath taking, of course! I was excited. I was proud. I was beaming with happiness.

I almost had a feeling that the next two years are going to be spectacular.

I was right.

Today, I cannot believe that I knew it so early. How?

Once I entered the campus, I headed straight to the Academic block, and realized I was the first one to report there for completing the initial formalities – more importantly, I wanted to reach early to get a good AC room of my choice.

Next, I saw him. A very ordinary looking man, having the aura of an extra ordinary human being, walking as if he owned the place. He told me to wait for the room distribution to start, in as nonchalant a tone as there can ever be! I was almost sure he is one of those jackasses who tries to be over smart, but sadly is not half as smart as he thinks himself to be!

I was right.

Today, I cannot believe that I knew it so early. How?

Once the hostel care taker entered her room, I was the first one who was called inside. My mom entered with me: the protective lady that she is! It wasn’t easy for her to let her girl be on her own. Not as yet. After the initial chit chat, she offered me to pick my room – gave me the sheet with the room numbers. I was so nervous – as if I had to make a life changing decision.

I studied the sheet – out of the four floors in the hostel, mom and I discussed that first floor will be the ideal one – I don’t know how we concluded that – some crude mathematics perhaps! After the floor, which room? All were empty then but one. I could have chosen any empty one – that’s what most people would do. That’s what I did not do.

I saw a girl’s name written for room 213, and I tried to study the name. Yes! I read it as if I could know who the person is – something clicked, I still don’t know what. I wrote my name next to hers. I chose 213.

I had a strong feeling that this decision was one of the coolest things I had done that day.

I was right.

Today, I cannot believe that I knew it so early. How?

As we started walking towards the hostel, with all my luggage, I could feel rain drops on my face – first not very strongly, in a minute …very fiercely. We were walking down that TAPMIan slope, and it began raining hard...harder...And we were drenched within minutes. That was TAPMI welcoming me perhaps – preparing me for the tough times ahead, in a not very subtle way.

We ran. Reached Room 213 – My mom, sister and me. I knocked on the door. She opened with disbelief. She was taken aback to see us – not as surprised as she was shocked. Three unknown ladies, drenched in rain, knocking at her door, on the first day of college. Quite a puzzle eh?

“Hi! I will be your roommate”, I said.

For a minute I thought she would say No to me.

She was polite enough to say a Hi! … And let us all in.

I didn’t really give her a fair chance to accept me. The next question that my mom asked her – which side of the room have you taken beta?

She pointed to her chosen side, and sat down on her bed, still unsure of what was happening.

I had second thoughts. But just then, she smiled at me.

I somehow felt it is going to work out in the best possible way.

I was right.

Today, I cannot believe that I knew it so early. How?

I unpacked. My mom set up the room for me – yes! She did it. As I have mentioned already – letting me go was difficult for her. We changed. We talked. I thought to myself – My roommate is cool after all!

That was just the beginning.

I spent that night with my family in their hotel room, for they were leaving the next day. And as I sat there, thinking about how eventful the day had been, I felt good. I felt positive. More importantly, I felt at ease with the newness.

Today, I still cannot believe how everything worked out the way it has – but I know for sure that some things are simply meant to be. You just know it when you are making the right choices, not so much for the wrong ones. More often than not!

I don’t know why I chose her over those empty hostel rooms, I just know that nothing would have been the same, had I tried to fight the natural flow of things.

And so I say, listen to what your heart says, take risks, do what others won’t – choose someone over something! :) 

Thursday, 25 February 2016

They hummed their own Song!

From a distance, I saw them marching towards the crowd
In unison like a machine, perfect sync, and thumping loud
You could not isolate one from another
Determined to make a lasting impression for their Mother
Like a family they understood the commands of the Head
Did nothing different than what he said
I had not seen something this unimaginably wow
I was overwhelmed, ready to take a bow
The crowd cheered as they marched on, so elegant, yet so strong
On every beat, they hummed their own song

I knew he was among them
But could not believe when had he become such a rare gem
For the person that he is, respect I always had immense
But today was different, so many things were now making sense
This guy I knew, had become something so new
In line with the toughest few
My pride knew no bound
With happy tears I looked around
To be sure it was not just a happy dream
Oh! For real, I was surrounded in his gleam
The crowd cheered as they marched on, so elegant, yet so strong
On every beat, they hummed their own song

Slowly, the cloudy sky made way for the bright sun
Like they were rejoicing the many battles to be won
In the chilly breeze when they took their “Antim Pag” with their undying zeal
I had goosebumps and an ice-cold feel
It was not a fear of the times to come
But the desire to try and match what he had become
Just the promise to walk by his side
Enjoying our own roller coaster ride
For he has brought bigger smiles, much content, and booming cheer
Just then, their joyous shrieks I hear
And realize he is where he always wanted to be
They have broad grins, but his happy tears I see
Again, The crowd cheered as they marched on, so elegant, yet so strong
On every beat, they hummed their own song

As I uncovered those stars
One hazy image of ours
Saw a light so bright, things at once felt right! :) 

I cheered as he marched on, so elegant, yet so strong

On every beat, he hummed his own song!

Friday, 17 April 2015

Who am I?

Am I really who I am? Or am I just a portrayal of what people expect me to be?
Am I real? Or am I pretending to be what the society thinks is okay?
Am I the depiction of my true potential? Or am I only struggling to discover the many shades I have to offer?

Often, we are afraid to be our true selves. We might not be aware of it, or we might choose to overlook. But the fact remains …we are only trying to wear masks which make us socially acceptable, and to an extent likable. Because really, who doesn't want to be liked?

But what are we losing here?
We are losing everything we want to be. Everything we can be.
The question remains …is the trade off worth it?
While some may not care to find an answer, I questioned myself …am I trying to be someone different? Am I taking decisions that someone else expects of me? Is that making me happy?

I wanted the answers. I am still looking for a few. Because well, to think of it, I was timid to question myself in the past. But now that I know that an approval from the society is meaningless, I want to break free of the baseless expectations.

Why should anyone stop me from being me? Do they have any right? I don't think so. I'm only answerable to myself. As long as I'm convinced that the color is black, it is black. Let the people call it white.

I behaved how my mom told me to.
I studied how my teachers expected me to.
I talked how my friends wanted me to.
I expressed how society instructed me to.

And I didn't question any of it. I was not thinking then. But I'm thinking now. All I want is to be happy, and make others' eyes twinkle. For that, I need to be who I am.

I want to talk and dance and fight and cry and be alone. I want to go against what others think is right. I want to take a stand against everything that is wrong. In the meantime, it doesn't matter what others think of me.

Well, Who am I? I am trying to be me.
Who will I be? I will be me.

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

"All Your senses are just fine", He said

I was in love. It was one of those high school stories, where you are friends for quite some time before you take a step ahead, and enter the “relationship” phase. Sigh! It may sound weird now. But it was a trend in those days. I guess it is still a trend to date in high school. It is casual. I did not think it to be impermanent, and short-lived. I had a story in mind, but not everything works according to the plan. Does it?

We broke up.

It was tough.

But it was for the best. Because when some of them exit, many more beautiful ones enter. And so did He. The Hero of my story.

I never took real notice of him until then. That one conversation which awakened me to his presence.

He had known it all along, about how I was struggling to move on in life. Now when I look back, I realize how he really was there with me, for me, at every step. If I had only noticed it back then! He was a friend. More of a classmate in college. But he became more. Much more.

He started the conversation. It was the usual one, like any two friends would have. But soon enough, he read the gloominess in my eyes. He became uncomfortable. I could sense that. He wanted to see the sparkle in my eyes, he told me. I smiled, and said “I am trying.” “Trying is not enough. You need to move on.” I was surprised he knew. He knew it so well. I tried to look away.

“Close your eyes”, he said. I was confused. “Close your eyes”, he said again. I did as instructed, obedient as a little school girl. Well, I was too tired to disobey. “Can you see your self – the carefree one?” I did not know what to say. I tried to see myself. I did. I nodded.

He did not say anything for quite some time. We just stood like that. It must have looked funny, from a distance. But then, I felt comforted in a weirdly un-comforting way. “I am here for you”, he said next. I opened my eyes and looked at him. “Can you hear me say that?” I did not know where the conversation was going. “Yes”, I said. “Great!” he said.

He took my hand in his, “Can you feel the touch?” “Obviously”, I said. “Awesome!” he said.

I am generally not the one to feel awkward during a conversation, but here, this guy was asking me strange things. Why? I asked myself. I really thought of saying a polite good bye and leave. This was not going anywhere.

He must have somehow sensed what I was thinking about. “Just five minutes, and then you can go”, he said. I was taken aback. Could he be reading my mind secretly? How?

“I had bought this chocolate for you earlier today. Will you please have a bite?” he asked. I was in no mood to have a chocolate! But I did. Again, like an obedient school girl. “How does it taste?” “It is fine. Just how a roast-almond tastes.” By the way, how did he know that I liked roast almond is still unanswered.

“Take a deep breath in, and out. Can you do it for me?” he said. “Why?” I asked. He made such a puppy like face; it was hard to say anything else. He still uses this tactic to make me do things I really don’t want to do. I breathed in and out. I thought as if I was at ease after like months. I could sense the breeze, and felt light. I liked it.

What was this guy doing? And why? We were decent friends back in first year. But over the last few months, I hadn't even bothered to stay in touch. I hadn't wished him on his birthday. I guess it just went by. Or it didn't? I don’t know. I did not even care. I was struggling in my own life, trying to pull back everything together.

All your senses are just fine”, he said. “Huh?” I looked straight into his eyes. They were beautiful. They were hard to miss. And still I had missed them, missed him for so long.

You are still responding to everything around you. You are living. Isn't that great?” he was saying.

I don’t get your point. I know all my senses are fine.

I know it was one important part of your life. But isn't it over? Haven’t you cried enough? Shouldn't you be taking it easy now? Your senses want you to feel everything around you. There are people who miss seeing your smile, miss hearing your loud shrieks, miss getting your hugs, miss seeing you eat with happiness, miss seeing you content. And everything is still okay. It can be made better. You are not trying hard.

I stood there …listening to whatever he was saying. Many of my friends had tried to make me feel better, and given me all those pep talks. But wasn't this beautiful? Wasn't this so much more meaningful? Or did I feel so at that point in time?

Don’t give up Moti! You are a tough nut to crack. Aren't you?

Yes, he called me Moti back then. He won’t dare say that now. I run quite a tight ship these days. I smiled. Not the fake smile. A real one.

“Why are you being so sweet to me? I asked.

“Am I not always sweet?” he asked.

“Not really.”

“Well, let me begin it from today then. I expect to get sweetness in return though.”

“What do you want me to do in return?”

“Smile a little more every day. Promise?”

I laughed. It was a feel good laughter. I couldn't thank him enough, for he made me think. I took a minute during that conversation, and tried to make sense of what I was doing. Crying over something which cannot be repaired. But not everything should be repaired. You dispose of the unimportant things. Don’t you?

“I promise. And thank you.”

 He gave me a high five, and that broad grin. Obviously, he told me not to thank him again. We said goodbyes and walked towards our respective vehicles.

I thought about this conversation the whole time while driving back home. I couldn't believe I was thinking about something else for a while. Things had to fall into place. But it was time; I made sure I try harder to make things better. I smiled.

This is one of those conversations that stick with you for a very long time, and you go over it in your head, again and again. Because you like it that way.

But had it been not for him, I would have struggled a little more to make sense of my senses.

We came closer. That was not a surprise. For someone who could read me like that, it was certain we had a story of our own. And we are living it now. And I couldn't be happier. I couldn't be more thankful, to my senses, and to him, for making me feel alive! Once again!

Thank you.
I am in love again. This time, not because it is a trend. But because it makes sense!

Friday, 21 November 2014


Sitting under the stars tonight
I wonder when I will see the light
I look above to understand the signs
Is there something that I need to define?
It is a wait, a wait so long
Almost a melancholy song

Every day brings a ray of hope
They turn me down, difficult to cope
Again I try to write a new story
To reach towards that glory
I know the smile will be true again
The way gladness comes after the pain

But have I forgotten that delight
The pleasant sight
To feel carefree for one more time
See again that prime
They say it is all about the wait
I say maybe it is just fate

While a few have it all too soon
My sun will shine bright at noon
I will sing like the birds – not bothering about what others think
It will all change within a blink
And I will have a dreamless sleep
The happiness will again run deep!

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Because without you ...

Tonight is another ordinary night
When I’m missing your sight
It is now an unpleasant bit
My life doesn't seem to fit
Because without you, my love, there’s a void very deep
You, close to me, I always want to keep!

I remember all the times I had you in my arms
How you always helped me to be calm
If ever there was a crisis too big
Every possible solution you would dig
Now it all seems so colorless
My life is a mess
Because without you, my love, there’s a void very deep
You, close to me, I always want to keep!

Those days seem dreamlike, when I could feel your touch
I shall fail to express I miss you how much
That comfort while lying next to you
Come to me, my love, do you need another cue?
But slowly your scent is fading away
Quite to my dismay
Because without you, my love, there’s a void very deep
You, close to me, I always want to keep!

I see the happy faces around
How beautifully to one another they are bound
I wonder why that cannot be for us
Perhaps too late to discuss
I won’t lie about how badly I want things to be a cakewalk
Life appears to be an un-moving clock
Because without you, my love, there’s a void very deep
You, close to me, I always want to keep!

But there’s something that makes me believe
We've something so beautiful, we just can’t leave
How can we not try?
When all we want is to be high
High on life together we shall be
Close your eyes and you will see
Because with you, my love, there’s no void so deep
You, always close to me, awake and when I shall sleep!

Thursday, 7 August 2014


We have always imagined the perfect. We always strive for the perfections. We only want the very best to happen to us. We have been fortunate to inch closer to perfection.

But is it always perfect? Is it always easy? A cakewalk?

I am afraid not. Because perfection is a concept. A unique concept. But many of us do live it …almost live it …a few are near it …the others are not too distant. And there are a few who are far away. Very far.

There are perfect individuals. Almost perfect ones too. They have almost everything one needs, or one can dream of. They are in a place in life where they are glad, they are content. Contrast next. There are the NOTperfect ones. They don’t know how to move ahead. Every second step is a struggle. Every new day is a battle. But do they give up? Oh no. they are trying to find their own perfection.

There are perfect relationships. The bright ones, the vibrant ones, who are out there – not afraid of what tomorrow brings, they know nothing can dampen their existence. And then there are the ones who are constantly grinded – NOTperfect. Nowhere closer. They are lost …trying to carve out their own paths. There are continuous fights, and abuses, oh also! …a few beatings. Do they give up? Some of them do. The others are too afraid to let go. They have a strange hope of finding their own bit of perfection.

Sigh perfection!

Why perfection?

There are perfect homes. Loving parents and obedient children. Happy faces and wishes fulfilled. Up-to-date fashion knowledge and glamor quotient. Sweet. Next, the almost-perfect ones. Striving to become the best. And the okay ones. These are the ones who are trying to be content.

And then there are those NOTperfect homes. They don’t know what having a family feels like …what togetherness is. They know something is missing, they know they can never be perfect. It is weird to imagine homes which are not happy. Homes where there is less of warmth, and more of anger. Homes which negate the essence of their very existence. But do they stop living? Do they stop dreaming? I am afraid not. Because they know …somewhere down the lane, they will either find their perfect world, or give up on the concept of perfection.

So what is it that keeps the NOTperfect ones moving? Hope? Belief? Or may be a desire …a distant, difficult desire to become perfect!

But is perfection enough? Though we may feel so, it is not. Really.

We all have heard the philosophy “Imperfections are beautiful”. But only a few of us know how difficult it is to be NOTperfect, and still go out there in front of the world and smile. More so laugh. Act like you are the perfect ones too. It pains. It hurts. But you have to continue to smile.


Cry out if you are hurt. It doesn’t show how weak you are. It only shows how you have accepted your imperfection. It is not a sin to be imperfect. It is only a temporary state. The moment you accept that some things are the best the way they are, you are at peace. Instead, you can work on the other almost-perfect things in life …in the end what do you want? Perfection is it?

Go for it. But not after losing the calmness of your mind … But after winning over the feeling of being “NOTperfect”.